Poster S.haha

HASH ERNESTO TAG GUEVARA: Delhi based lecturer Rajashree along with her sister have arrived to a country side place, They stay in a government guest house. This country side place is also a guerrilla warzone. Rajashree is a researcher who’s doing her Phd and her coming to this place is for her Phd field research, Rajshree’s sister Sudha is a college going girl. Sudha somehow can not adjust to this place, She has got instructions from Rajahshree to not step out of the house. She gets bored, she tries to express her frustration while Rajashree constantly ignores her. They gradually get into the political discussion and then Rajashree reveals that she is an undercover journalist. She meets Guevara’s look alike in a lock up who starts stripping her synthetic socio political ideal stand.

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