Lifft India’s first creative content presentation, a short feature film, The Re-Bell was premiered at The View in Mumbai and launched on Lifft India youtube channel on 22nd july 2018. Click Here to see the film.

Lifft India is proud to announce that it selected a short film screenplay titled The Re-Bell submitted by Ms. Supriya Parulekar now filmed by Mr. Riju Bajaj under the banner RBME. The premiere was attended by Mr. Naseeruddin Shah, Ms.Ratna Pathak Shah, Rajendra Gupta, Anjum Rizvi, Imaad Shah, Inaamul Haq, Purnendu Shekhar, Atul Tiwary, Vivek Sharma, Shakhar Sen, Suhail Tatari, Leena Yadav, Kunicka Sadanand, Sudhanshu Kumar along with the cast and crew of the film. The film is now available for public viewing on LIFFT INDIA youtube channel.

*The maiden production presentation by Lifft India Under its parent company Riju Bajaj Media & Entertainment ‘RBME’ has inspired Riju Bajaj and his team of volunteers to regularly produce content which will be in line with the festival’s ideology thus giving birth to its very own repertoire to be officially known as Lifft India Studios.

Film Review Links :-

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