Lifft India has selected Mr. Aditiya Singh, a young and dynamic painter for whom Lonavla is a home.

For Aditiya Singh, it all started about a few years ago after he scribbled on a piece of paper and was told by a friend to start using charcoal.

Aditiya had no formal training when he started to sketch .

Aditiya says “Having done a few works , I started feeling completely new, for me discovering art at the age of 18 was an epiphany. I met myself. My journey as an artist started with free and unfettered expressions. I did not have to break any laws and rules to achieve freedom. It was a freedom born out of freedom. Colours and strokes became my reality. I want to approach my canvas with no preconceived thoughts or ideas . I enter the world of art with an open mind and heart and let myself be swayed by inner movements towards a universe waiting to come to life. To be as true as I can to my art is most important to me .”

Aditiya Singh’s lines and brushstrokes denote frenetic energy and simmering passions . Emotive distortions and exaggerated colours are used to achieve the maximum expressiveness. As opposed to his sketches in which he achieves maximum effects with minimum lines. Aditiya’s gaiety exudes from his canvases and transports the viewer into his cheerful, at times disturbing dream like world .

An extremely powerful impression of an individualistic mind and style are embodied deeply in this greatly talented and eclectic artist.

Aditiya’s paintings are revolutionary: a radical bid for self-expression

Great art has always been more concerned with perception or vision than accuracy of depiction-breaking new grounds in some way, influencing, inspiring and setting new standards.

He has studied Fine Arts from Rachana Sansad academy of fine arts and craft .

Had exhibitions with masters like M.F Hussain, F.N Souza and many more .

He has also exhibited at the Prince of Wales museum , Seven days art gallery, Jaipur art festival, the little door and many more.