Lifft India offers a platform for prospective funders/investors/producers to interact with writers along with their scripts for feature films, short films & web series for marketing purposes in collaboration with Lifft India Studios under the aegis of Riju Bajaj Media & Entertainment ‘RBME’.

Are You Looking For A Good Script ??

Contact us if you are interested in funding or investing in a film project under various categories as listed below :
Feature Films
1) Popular
2) Art House
3) Biographical
4) Science Fiction
5) Animation
Short Films
1) under 25 minutes
2) between 25 to 60 minutes
Web Series
1) Formated
2) Fiction
*Preconditioned Non Disclosure Agreement ‘NDA’ is applicable by default on all applicants for funding/investing/producing/collaborating.
1) INR Five Lakhs for Short Films
2) INR Twenty Five Lakhs for Long Short Films
3) INR Fifty Lakhs per Episode for Web Shows
4) INR Twenty Five crores for Feature Film
5) INR Fifty crores for Feature Film
6) INR Seventy Five crores for Feature Film
7) INR Hundred crores for Feature Film
8) INR Three Hundred crores for Feature Film
*Preconditioned terms for collaborating/marketing of scripts provided by Lifft India Studios is applicable by default on all applicants for funding/investing/producing/co-producing.

1) Service Charge of 3% of total budget of the project
2) Profit Share of 10% of total profit of the project
3) Credit of Co-Producer of the project
4) Credit of Creative-Producer of the project
5) Credit of Line Producer of the project (optional)