at any cost

AT ANY COST BY ABHIRAM BHADKAMKAR; The book tells the story of Dhananjay a simple boy from a small village in Maharashtra, who is suffering from brain tumor and might not live more than a year. Vikas Sardeshmukh, a TV serial director wants to help him with his financial issues but also wants to revoke his failing career. So he decides to make a TV soap out of Dhananjay’s death. The story is then a gripping tail of how ‘Dhana”, his entire family and the village gets entangled in the process of completing the serial. There is also the addition of TV actors and artistes from Mumbai become an intrinsic part of the entire gamble. Abhiram Bhadkamkar is a renowed Marathi film writer, actor and director since last two decades. His work in all the aspects of art like theatre, movies, serials in both Hindi and Marathi is exemplary. And he has come up with this amazing book on the dark side of India TV serials/daily soaps.The story of channels, the production houses, the mediocre writers/actors/directors and how today only business controls the creativity.

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