AVOID THE VOID BY SHIVANI TIBREWAL “Avoid the Void” is a tragicomic tirade that depicts a woman lamenting a broken relationship even as she gradually comes into her own. Written by Shivani Tibrewala in 2008, she first directed and produced it in 2010 for the Leela South Asian Women’s Theatre Festival at the NCPA in 2010, starring Mona Ambegaonkar and Ahlam Khan. It was also produced and performed by Sutradhar, Hyderabad. It has also been published in Muse India and in a Croatian Anthology of Women Writers from India titled “Afternoon Showers.” Shivani Tibrewala is a writer-director based in Mumbai, India. She founded her own theatre company, No License Yet Productions, in Mumbai, India in 2002. She has written, directed and produced several plays for the theatre, including Whatever You Say, Helpdesk, The Laboratory, Staying Alive, and Avoid the Void. She has adapted and directed classic texts ranging from the Ramayana to Rumi, Hemingway to Calvino in her works Retellings and The Old Man and the Sea : A Sufi fable and Raccontini. Plays she has written but not directed include The Last Supper, Waiting for Nothing, ABC with Dad, among others. Her plays have been performed and presented all over India as well as abroad in Croatia, Germany, USA and Canada, and she is an empanelled artist with the Indian Council of Cultural Relations. She has collaborated in the past with Theatre Royal Plymouth (UK), Flinntheater (Germany), Moving Image Factory (Canada), etc. Festivals her plays have been invited to include Leela South Asian Women’s Theatre Festival, Prithvi Theatre Festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Vikram Sarabhai Arts Festival, IIT Mumbai’s Mood Indigo, Thespo, etc. A volume of her plays has been published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata. Her work has also been published in a Croatian anthology of women writers from India. She has also written feature films and documentary films, as well as for various television series. She was also the first poet from India to be invited for the Indian Ocean Poetry Slam held annually at Reunion Island.

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