buy provigil nz LIFFT INDIA®, LIFFT INDIA FILMOTSAV-World Cine Fest, Lonavla and LIFFT INDIA AWARDS {not for profit} have been established in 2017 and owned by its Founder Mr. Riju Bajaj under the banner of  “M/s Riju Bajaj Media & Entertainment” RBME® to promote and bring best of the films and new media, television content by independent, student and professional film makers from across the globe to be showcased in Lonavla and around the world. 

LIFFT INDIA® is a Global Touring festival of literature, illusion, information, film, frame, television and theatre awards to be originating from and held annually in Lonavla, a tourist destination of India near Mumbai & Pune.

Lifft India Filmotsav also hosts Q&A, Conversation Session and Master Class Session with participant and eminent film makers and actors to help in growing the knowledge of film making amongst the new and budding film enthusiasts. Lifft India extensively explores marketing possibilities to help independent, student and professional film makers to market their films and future projects.

Lifft India is amongst the very few festivals in India which has integrated the mix of all the possible genre, mode, style, format of film making meant for theatrical release, television, VOD service, Online Player etc. under one roof to boost the exchange of ideas and possibilities between the various film makers who attend the festival.

The first edition of Lifft India Filmotsav-World Cine Fest that opened on 1st sept 2017 at Fariyas Resort, Lonavla was dedicated in memory of Late Mr. Om Puri. Lifft India Filmotsav 2017 allowed entry to children to view films for only the children’s film category. All other film categories were screened for only adults {18+ age group}. This made Lifft India the only film festival that encourages children to participate in an international film festival along with professional film makers in a competition category. The attempt here is to create a platform for young and new budding film makers and actors. The cine fest concluded with Lifft India Awards 2017 on the 5th sept 2017.

Lifft India has also introduced the Film Club and traveling/ Sattellite film festival concept for itself known as Lifft India Kaarvaan/Caravan to achieve the best outreach and promotions for the films that are part of Lifft India. It will benefit filmmakers with enhanced exposure to diverse audience. The officially selected films will be screened at professionally equipped banquet halls at the luxury hotel to provide and achieve best world class experience. Lifft India Filmotsav-World Cine Fest, Lonavla is a travelling boutique film festival that will be hosted in commercial theatres and Luxury Hotels  only.

Lifft India also strives to promote theatre and stage actors, painters, still photographers, authors, script writers, singers, and dancers. Lifft India will be organising international theatre festival to be known as LIFFT INDIA NATYOTSAV integrated with the FILMOTSAV {film festival}. SAHITYOTSAV & CHITROTSAV will also be organised in due course of time.

Lifft India promotes the concept of Green Film Festival by adopting to be fully digital, paperless, zero waste, recycling and all other possible means of being eco friendly to achieve Green Film Festival status.

Lifft India also plans to uplift the art & cultural activities by incorporating them as part of the festival and by also establishing training institutes that will impart knowledge of over all global arts & culture along with training in film, media folk forms and theatre.